Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Things that need to happen

Bobby Wade needs to sit for a week or two. I'm not convinced he's unredeemable but he needs to spend a little time in street clothes. Maybe Michael Haynes can save him a spot on the bench. Rashied Davis wasn't bad as a punt returner, and Eddie Berlin has some experience doing punt and kickoff returns.

Kyle needs to show something or Rex needs to get some game time. I'd like to see us rack up another blowout like we did against Detroit in Week 2 so Rex could maybe get some garbage time action and get comfortable. Of course, with that blowout Kyle would probably make me comfortable with him as a starter...

Peanut: Stop getting torched. Gave up the underneath pass to Galloway on 1st down after the Bears TD, then tightened up and gave up a bunch of middle-deep stuff later. Oy. I wonder if he's not 100% on that knee from last year.

Finally, Berrian had better get some serious touches this week. Come on, let's try to stretch the field again. Is it a surprise that Thomas Jones has struggled a bit since Bradley went down?


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