Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Bears Roundup for week 9

Last week: 19-13 OT win in Detroit
This week: Against the New Orleans San Antonio Los Angeles Baton Rouge Saints.

On the one hand, you feel bad for the Saints and the city of New Orleans.

On the other hand, Jim Haslett hasn't exactly lit the world on fire when his back wasn't against the wall, the team is devoid of talent other than one good wideout and one good running back, and Deuce, the running back, is hurt. So much for that.

The main thing is going to be to stay focused, not give away the game on defense late (Hello, Cleveland!) and try to get the offense into a rhythm for more than one or two drives. The 99 yarder against Detroit was pretty good but I sure would like to see some more of that.

Other concerns? Obviously, who's going to move up the depth chart with the loss of Mark Bradley for the year. I hate freak turf injuries. We definately need someone who's going to stretch the field, and Muhsin, as much as I love the guy, neither does that nor can he really handle Orton's throws well yet. Way too many dropped passes.

Good matchups: Our 4th ranked pass defense against their 26th ranked pass offense. Our 12th ranked rushing offense vs. their 28th ranked rush defense.

Bad matchups: Nothing in particular.

Prediction: 20-12. Another game with no TDs allowed...


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