Sunday, November 06, 2005

Week 9 Prediction

Here's my inaugural quarter by quarter prediction:

First quarter: Bears return a pick for a touchdown, Orton leads the offense on an 80+ yard scoring drive. Much punting ensues. Score after 1: 14-3.

Second quarter: Aaron Brooks hits Joe Horn for a deep bomb when Chris Harris falls down but Peanut takes him out of bounds at the 3. New Orleans has to settle for a field goal. Orton content with field position drives after a pass deep over the middle is nearly picked. Score at halftime: 14-6.

Third quarter: New Orleans comes out and marches down the field for a TD. The defense, shocked to see their customary 4th quarter collapse coming early, sacks Brooks, forcing a fumble and returning it to the two. Thomas jones twists his ankle trying to jam it in, so Cedric gets the call and his first NFL TD... on a play fake bootleg pass. 21-13.

Fourth Quarter: After a huge Wade punt return, Orton chucks a 40 yard bomb to Gage, who misses it, but tips it up in the air to Muhsin streaking down the sidelines for a TD. Cedric grinds out the clock. 28-13, Bears.

Stats: Orton 18-29, 210 yards, 2TD. Jones, 65yards on 15 carries, 1TD. Cedric, 17 carries, 72 yards, 1 TD.

Defense: Two INT, 2 fumbles forced, one recovered.


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