Thursday, December 14, 2006

Tank Johnson's Warrant

at 11 this morning a warrant was executed on Tank Johnson's house. The nature of the investigation was not disclosed. Comment from the Lake County States Atty should be forthcoming later this afternoon.

Hat tip WSCR and Lawrence Holmes.

WBBM is reporting that Tank Johnson was not there. The press release said (again, crediting WSCR) that a 26 year old male (Tank is 25), 25 year old female (Tank's a dude, as far as we know) and two children were in the house, but that the warrant was executed without incident and some of the items listed on the warrant were recovered.

Update: Chicago Tribune article

Update 2: WBBM TV is reporting that a man was led from the house in handcuffs and Tank Johnson left the Bears practice facility in the care of a Bears Security staff member.

Update 3: For the record, here's a map of the only house on the 400 block of N Delany in Gurnee. Only one house. Looks like the kind of place Tank would live. No idea who his pal is.

Update 4: Lawrence Holmes on WSCR is reporting that Tank Johnson IS being charged with 6 counts of weapons possession. His friend who lives in the house is being charged with unlawful use of a weapon and felony cannabis possession.

Bleah. For those of you keeping score, this is his second time run-in with weapons charges.


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