Sunday, November 05, 2006

The play that beat the 49ers

3rd and two, red zone, first quarter. Thomas Jones takes the handoff
off and has to make linebacker Brandon Moore miss coming in untouched
from his right. The play was designed to go off the left tackle but
by the time Jones makes the guy miss the hole, which was tiny
to begin with, is completely gone. Jones backs up, dances back to the
middle, and finally bounces outside while Moore finally pulls himself
up off the turf in the backfield just in time to go completely the
wrong way and Jones goes untouched into the end zone.

This play showed both the strength and weaknesses of Thomas Jones.
Needing only two yards on third down, he was completely unable
to run into the line of scrimmage and push for that first down.
However, he was able to make the only guy with decent penetration
miss twice and get into the open field.

At this point, up 10-0, the Bears offense had made the 49ers rushing
offense completely irrelevant and the defense could just tee off on Alex
Smith all afternoon.


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