Friday, August 04, 2006


Hey kids! I'm BACK!

It's time the greatest team in the NFL with the best defense in NFL history and by far the best 3rd string quarterback ever to begin their run!

Whether that run founders on another squandered first round bye divisional playoff loss after rampaging through an awful NFL North, or takes us all the way to the promised land, or ends up like our former stadium partner Cubs 2006 season remains to be seen.

I'll have some predictions, including a Rex Grossman +/- games played wager, coming up shortly. Let me just say that since I took the last 7 months off after our defense vomited on their own shoes, I have some things to say, and you know they'll be DEEP and BITING and INSIGHTFUL (and, in some cases, transcribed from the WSCR afternoon bears camp report).

Much love. And for those of you who didn't think our defense needed the first 5 draft picks this year, go back and watch the carolina tape again (I know you didn't delete it... it's like Jimmy Fallon in Fever Pitch with the windows drawn watching the buckner game over and over) and tell me that again with a straight face.

Well I better get off the computer before Ricky Manning Jr sees me and I get turned into a grand slam breakfast.

Later dudes. GO BEARS!


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