Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Airese Currie

Sounds like he's on IR for the year. Bummer, dude. Looks like he's back to square one next March.

Update: Yep.

LAKE FOREST, Ill. - The Bears on Tuesday signed offensive lineman Lennie Friedman to a one-year contract and placed wide receiver Airese Currie on injured reserve. The Bears also released wide receiver Eric Hill from the practice squad.

Things that need to happen

Bobby Wade needs to sit for a week or two. I'm not convinced he's unredeemable but he needs to spend a little time in street clothes. Maybe Michael Haynes can save him a spot on the bench. Rashied Davis wasn't bad as a punt returner, and Eddie Berlin has some experience doing punt and kickoff returns.

Kyle needs to show something or Rex needs to get some game time. I'd like to see us rack up another blowout like we did against Detroit in Week 2 so Rex could maybe get some garbage time action and get comfortable. Of course, with that blowout Kyle would probably make me comfortable with him as a starter...

Peanut: Stop getting torched. Gave up the underneath pass to Galloway on 1st down after the Bears TD, then tightened up and gave up a bunch of middle-deep stuff later. Oy. I wonder if he's not 100% on that knee from last year.

Finally, Berrian had better get some serious touches this week. Come on, let's try to stretch the field again. Is it a surprise that Thomas Jones has struggled a bit since Bradley went down?

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Roster Moves

Blah blah blah... ignoring all the noise: Rex Grossman and Airiese Currie activated, Carl Ford and Kurt Kittner waived.

Grossman's saying all the right things. I'm tired of obnoxious journalists trying to stir up controversy. He knows the spot he's in and that unless Orton contracts Blass disease or gets hurt, he's a backup this year and maybe get a shot for a training camp battle next year.

Which is as it should be. I'm not sure he can take the pounding of a full year in the NFL. Nothing wrong with being a backup. Still make good dough, fewer concussions.

Update: While I'm talking about this: So long, Carl Ford. Don't let the door hit ya on the way out. I am so tired of watching you botch special teams assignments.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Saints sign RB Thomas

Well, my weekend predictions didn't work out so hot but this one was pretty much spot on...

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Week 9 Prediction

Here's my inaugural quarter by quarter prediction:

First quarter: Bears return a pick for a touchdown, Orton leads the offense on an 80+ yard scoring drive. Much punting ensues. Score after 1: 14-3.

Second quarter: Aaron Brooks hits Joe Horn for a deep bomb when Chris Harris falls down but Peanut takes him out of bounds at the 3. New Orleans has to settle for a field goal. Orton content with field position drives after a pass deep over the middle is nearly picked. Score at halftime: 14-6.

Third quarter: New Orleans comes out and marches down the field for a TD. The defense, shocked to see their customary 4th quarter collapse coming early, sacks Brooks, forcing a fumble and returning it to the two. Thomas jones twists his ankle trying to jam it in, so Cedric gets the call and his first NFL TD... on a play fake bootleg pass. 21-13.

Fourth Quarter: After a huge Wade punt return, Orton chucks a 40 yard bomb to Gage, who misses it, but tips it up in the air to Muhsin streaking down the sidelines for a TD. Cedric grinds out the clock. 28-13, Bears.

Stats: Orton 18-29, 210 yards, 2TD. Jones, 65yards on 15 carries, 1TD. Cedric, 17 carries, 72 yards, 1 TD.

Defense: Two INT, 2 fumbles forced, one recovered.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Friday Week 9 Update

Predictions: Peter King, SI: New Orleans 7, Chicago 6. Yahoo Experts and Pro Pick'em: All 4 experts predict Bears, 77% of Pick'em pick Bears. ESPN SportsNation poll: Bears, 79%.

Injuries: IR: Bradley (WR); Out: Berrian (WR), Grossman (QB); Questionable: Ruben Brown (G); Probable: Harris (DT), Maynard (P); Cleared to play: Jones (RB), Tillman (CB).

Come back Saturday for my quarter by quarter predictions predictions and Sunday for (hopefully) live updates.

Update: One more prediction: Brian Tarcy of scout.com: Bears 30-20. Also, WSCR is reporting that, according to Lovie, there's basically zero chance Brown is going to play on Sunday with his partially torn left pectoral.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Anthony Thomas released

Yet another Bears 2001 draft pick from Michigan who can't get any love... at least David Terrell's on a roster, even if he's never active.

I'll be surprised if he's not snapped up by some team, either the Saints or maybe the Eagles who could use a guy who can pick up 3 yards between the tackles, even if it's just to make the play fake look legit.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Bears Roundup for week 9

Last week: 19-13 OT win in Detroit
This week: Against the New Orleans San Antonio Los Angeles Baton Rouge Saints.

On the one hand, you feel bad for the Saints and the city of New Orleans.

On the other hand, Jim Haslett hasn't exactly lit the world on fire when his back wasn't against the wall, the team is devoid of talent other than one good wideout and one good running back, and Deuce, the running back, is hurt. So much for that.

The main thing is going to be to stay focused, not give away the game on defense late (Hello, Cleveland!) and try to get the offense into a rhythm for more than one or two drives. The 99 yarder against Detroit was pretty good but I sure would like to see some more of that.

Other concerns? Obviously, who's going to move up the depth chart with the loss of Mark Bradley for the year. I hate freak turf injuries. We definately need someone who's going to stretch the field, and Muhsin, as much as I love the guy, neither does that nor can he really handle Orton's throws well yet. Way too many dropped passes.

Good matchups: Our 4th ranked pass defense against their 26th ranked pass offense. Our 12th ranked rushing offense vs. their 28th ranked rush defense.

Bad matchups: Nothing in particular.

Prediction: 20-12. Another game with no TDs allowed...

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